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Hotels in Aritar

Aritar Located at an altitude of 4600 ft in Sikkim is an amazing tourist destination of hidden valleys, mystical monateries, snow-fed mountains and mountain setting covered with flowers and forests.Around 3 kms drive from the capital of Sikkim, Aritar is famous for its lake Lampokhari, which was initially one of the oldest natural lake in Sikkim and has been recently artificially constructed to facilitate boating for the tourists.
It is an idyllic spot for the discerning traveller as its serene and tranquil environment provides an opportunity to unwind and explore the beauty of nature.
Lampokhari Village Resort is an ideal place to stay in Aritar as the cottages are located within close proximity of the lake.

However, for tourists looking for budget accommodation, the following options are available:

Aritar Lake Resort, located half a Km away from the Lampokhari Lake.

Hotel Hill View Resort, located half a Km away from the Lampokhari Lake at Dalapchand

Hotel Rachela View, situated close to the Aritar Bazaar.
Hotel Aditya, situated at a walking distance of 10 minutes from the Lampokhari Lake.
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