India Beacons Sojourn invites you to explore Reshi, Aritar, Zuluk ...
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  • LAMPOKHARI LAKE : In the local Bhutia language dialect it is called Ghati-Tso. This lake is a nature’s gift. It is 350 mtr. long and 75 mtr. wide and looks like a human foot. A glimpse of its azure deep calm and serine water and surrounding greenery captivates the traveller and he feels falling in ‘love at first sight’. Tourists can enjoy paddle boating facility in the lake and have food at the cafeteria and Lodge at ‘ Couple Houses’.
  • ARITAR GUMPA : This is one of the oldest and holiest monasteries in Sikkim belonging to the Karma Kagya lineage order of Tibetan Buddhism. The traditional architecture carved and painted murals, rare manuscript and artegacts kept in the monastery  are worth seeing.
  • PARBATEYSWAR SHIVALAYA MANDIR : This Hindu temple is most reverd and pilgrims assemble in thousands in the month of ‘sawan’ to seek blessings by offering water to Lord Shiva.
  • DAK BANGLOW : Sir James Cloud White, the first political officer in the erstwhile kingdom of Sikkim, built this Banglow below the Aritar village for rest and …….half. it is now a tourist banglow run by the State Public Works Department. By staying here tourists can have a feel of old British architecture and enjoy the view of Kalimpong and its surroundings on a clear morning.
  • MANKHIM DARA : A short trek to the Mankhim Dara ( 6500 ft ), a hilltop overlooking the Lampokhari Lake is quite enthralling. A temple of the ethnic Rai sect of Hindu origin is located at Maity village ( Kheselakha ) from where the tourist may have a view of beautiful sunset.
  • LOVE DARA : A very popular picnic spot and view point.
  • NIRMAL DHAM : It is situated 5 km from Rhenock Bazar. Nirmal Guruji who is also known as Kopchey Baba, has his ashram being visited by hundreds of devotees from India and abroad.
  • EVERGREEN NURSARY & RAW GRAIN SANGHALAYA : Located at Rhenock Bazar, the nursery and museum has collections of drift wood and botanical and myraid varieties of horticultural plants and orchids etc.
  • PHUSHREY LAKE : A trek to Phushery Lake, Pangolakha and Rachela, the historic trijunction border of Sikkim, West Bengal and Bhutan, is quite thrilling experience. You may have chance to see Red panda, Peasant, Rare Species of butterflies, Wild orchids and other exotic flora and fauna.
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