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State : Sikkim

Location : Hill station in Rongli Subdivision, reachable from Siliguri/NJP or Bagdogra (IXB) airport as well as from Gangtok

Nearest Airport : Bagdogra (IXB)

Nearest Railway Station : NJP

By Road : About 120 Kms from Siliguri, 63 Kms from Gangtok

Best Time : All throughout the year

Clothing : Carry woollen clothes





Aritar or Aritar under Rongli sub division of East Sikkim, is a tiny village situated on the Himalayas at an altitude of 4600 ft (1400m). It is an offbeat destination for tourists who want to enjoy nature in its unspoiled form. The emerald forests, the sweeping hills with deep gorge and occasional waterfalls, the mountain slopes stewn with terrace farming and overall the panoramic view of the mighty Khangchendzonga  range cast an indelible imprint on the mind of the traveller never to be effaced         with the passage of time.

Aritar has a soothing and salubrious climate. It is worth visiting throughout the year. It provides shelter and entertainment to every one children, adults, and elders alike. Aritar in fact has a lot to offer to its visitors – sight seeing, boating, bird watching, trekking, adventure sports and a trip down memory lane for history aficionados.



A brief history of Aritar will not be out of context here. The British wanted to establish trade relation with Tibet and signed the Indo-Tibet trade convention in 1904. The treaty dictated by Lord Younghusband secured monopoly trading privileges in Tibet for the British. The route chalked out started from Kalimpong, Pedong to Jelepla via Rhenock, Aritar, Zuluk and headed towards Chumbi valley in Tibet. Sir James Cloud White, the British political officer of Sikkim, took the hazardous trip to Tibet and established the first police outpost in Sikkim at Aritar. Therefore it can safely be concluded that Aritar has a chequered history. It had commercial importance more than Gangtok in the past.




Last but not the least, a word or two about Aritar Dalapchan Lampokhari Development Society. This N.G.O has rendered a yeoman’s service in putting Aritar once again on the tourist map of India. Working in unison with Sikkim Tourism Department, it is striving hard to accelerate the all round development of Aritar and its people. Since 2006 the ADLDS is celebrating the Lampokhari Tourism Festival every year during end of March and early April. The aim is to attract people and make this place a hotspot tourist destination. The festival is highly popular and has a well thought-out programme for participation of people from every works of life. Following are the events in which tourist are to take part:


·        Boating in the Lampokhari Lake

·        Horse riding around the lake

·        Rock climbing and trekking to nearby hilltops and view points

·        Chief Minister’s archery gold cup competition

·        Adventure sports and para gliding

·        Traditional cultural programme and craft and painting shows

·        Flower exhibition cum sale

·        Traditional Food Plaza – local ethnic cuisine.
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